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Temporary Tattoos or Mehndi

Natural Henna

Painless temporary tattoos, Cutting edge, Cool, Painless, Fun, No needles, just a natural paste. What was in this month, might be out the next, so with Henna there is no lifetime commitment like real tattoos as the designs fades within a 2-3 weeks.

Color/Black are Clinically Tested

The test results on the sample did not show any Erythema/Dryness wrinkles and there were no signs of oedema formation was Observed after 48 hours. Hence the sample passed the test. 100% Ayurvedic Product. Does not contain Ammonia, PPD. No harmful chemicals and long-lasting color.

Caution – This product is clinically tested and chemical free but the skin sensitivity varies from one individual to another thus it is advised to do a preliminary test in a small portion before to avoid any skin irritation, in rare cases.


Service Price
Natural, Black & Color Henna
Small butterfly or your name or one word Starts From $5
Complex Design each side $25
Complex Design both side $50
**No appointment required for small to medium tattoos, we recommend appointment for Full Bridal Henna.
*Henna services are offered at all locations

No Appointment Required For Henna Services ``Walk-In`` Any Time