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Staff is wonderful, full of information and very gentle with your eyebrows. No redness or burns. You can walk out without worrying about looking all red. Best Beauty and day spa in Melbourne!

– M Sullivan

Complete transformation I had Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash tinting and Eyelash Perming, Eyelash Extensions done at Exquisite Brows and would highly recommend it!

– Gloria Pasquini

No more Patchy Eyebrows or Uni-brows for me and my boyfriend.

– Karren

Eyebrow Threading or Eyebrow Shaping by Exquisite Brows is less painful as it does not rip your skin off and lasts a lot longer!

– Eileen Lewis

I cant trust people doing it from home, as there are hygiene and training issues, while Exquisite Brows are professionals with years of experience and a friendly environment. I highly recommend it!

– Lucia Mathews

Exquisite Brows are the pioneers of Threading. Their technique is flawless and it shapes brows to perfection I reckon best in Melbourne.

– Tina Saraiva

At a senior age, I appreciate that threading does not pull my skin. It gives my brows a nice precise line.

– Katy Carpenter

Their Brow Powder is a legend; it really helped my thin brows.

– Mandy

I felt like I had a Celebrity Makeover, never knew I could look so beautiful.

– Andrea

I gave her 10 minutes and they took 10 years off my age.

– Amy Canvel

I am so glad I’ve discovered threading & Exquisite Brows! I always had trouble plucking my eyebrows and getting them even. I will never go back to waxing.

– Lori Pacheco

I love Threading! It is cleaner and more precise than waxing. The shape of my brows is FINALLY what I was looking for – also hair grows in finer than with waxing.

– Heather

Henna tattoos aka Temporary tattoos were absolutely beautiful; my Kids love it too.

– Lisa Sareger

Threading is unbelievable! It’s quick & easy. It looks so natural. I have gotten all my friends to get it done.

– Elvia Fisher

Since I started threading, Ive got so many compliments; Threading has changed the way I look.

– Marlene Teixeira