Most Frequent Question Ask by Customers

Can I bring my own tattoo design?

YES, you can bring your own design, also for FYI we have a tattoo book onsite available if that helps.

Do I need an appointment for any of your Services?

NO, you do not need an appointment for Threading, Tinting, Henna Tattoos, Waxing and Mini Facials. You only need an appointment for Eyelash Extensions, Perming, and Bridal Henna.

Payment Method

Cash and EFT/Credit Cards Master/VISA accepted. Minimum spend on EFTPOS/Debit or Credit Card is $20.

How long can I have to wait for my turn?

It only takes 5 minutes to get Eyebrow Threading done, so that is the maximum time you might end up waiting as we have three staff serving you full time during the peak times.

Returns & Refunds

We do not provide refunds, exchange service may be offered if we are at fault.

Look forward to serving you soon!


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