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What is Eyebrow Threading?

We use an ancient technique called ‘Threading’ that removes hair using a twisted piece of cotton thread which is rolled over an area of unwanted hairs to remove them from the follicles. It is all-natural and utilizes an antibacterial thread which is thrown away after each use, there are no harmful chemicals or artificial waxes involved.


Benefits of Eyebrow Threading Over Eyebrow Waxing

Advantages of Eyebrow Threading over eyebrow waxing include better precision and control in shaping eyebrows, while staying gentler on skin as it only takes the hair out without damaging delicate layer of baby-like skin around brows, whereas waxing rips this layer off each time, which may require costly skin lifting treatments or surgeries later in your life.

It is safe for sensitive skin who may be allergic to waxing and for those on Acne medication etc.

Your eyebrows look defined, as it takes out the smallest of hairs out from its follicle with results lasting up to four weeks with new hairs growing back thinner.

Unlike tweezing, where the hair is pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair in a single stroke minimizing the pain.

Last but not least Threading is Green? Unlike threading, waxing disposes of a lot of wax and wax paper in the trash. Threading just uses a cotton string – nothing more!


Eyebrows $20
Lip $12
Chin $14
Sideburns $15
Neck $12
Forehead $12
Cheeks $12
Full Face (incl. eyebrows, forehead, sides, lip & chin) (save $18) $55
Threading services are offered at all locations.
*Exquisite Brows reserves the right to set each store’s service prices at its discretion, therefore prices may vary in some stores. 

No Appointment Required For Threading Services, Walk-In Any Time

Eyebrow Threading Women

Eyebrow Threading Men